Our Library is a safe place where we provide a comfortable atmosphere for children to enjoy reading and to just have fun while learning is our main focus. The mission of Rosebank School Library Information Centre is to ensure that students, teachers and staff are effective lifelong users of ideas and information and have the skills and opportunities to access, evaluate and use information.

Library Information


Rosebank School Library is located next to the computer lab in the same block as the office. Seating and tables are provided for a class of students. The Library has a computerised issues and catalogue system (Musac)

Opening hours:

8.30 am – 3.00 pm Lunch times from: 1.15 pm – 1.45 pm


The School library is managed by a Teacher Librarian with a Library assistant supported at lunchtimes by a team of Pupil Librarians.


The School Library enjoys a whole variety of uses – individual study, whole class use, small group or individual research for projects, information seeking on the internet, and recreational reading in a friendly environment with resources and help on hand.


Every student and member of Staff at Rosebank Primary is a member of the Library. By borrowing books and materials they agree to return books on time and in a good condition.

Loan Periods:

Students are allowed to borrow up to two books for a maximum of two weeks, and allowed to take these books home. If they still require them after this period then they should be renewed for a further two weeks, provided that this book is not required by another student or staff member. Staff are allowed to sign out a maximum of an agreed number of books for up to half a term.

Responsibility for Books:

Each student or member of staff is responsible for books signed out on their name.

Overdue Library books:

Once a month the Library staff will send out an overdue list to teachers. We ask teachers to remind the students about these books. After this, if books are still overdue we will send out a final notice slip to be sent home. If the book is lost or damaged, the person who is responsible for the book is liable, and will be asked to make a contribution to the cost of a replacement.